The Little Duckling

Limpkin in the Grass

How’s This for Colorful?

Red and Ruffled

Chinese Lantern Plant

Tennis Court Shadow


Last week I checked out the Kanapaha Botanical Garden in Gainesville.  The place has lots of different flowers, a large herb garden and the state’s largest display of bamboo.  We’re talking tall, tall, massive growths of bamboo!  This photo, to which I added a painterly look, doesn’t really emphasize how tall the bamboo plant in the background is.  (I needed a human to stand beneath it) but envision a person walking beneath the trellis on the right to get an idea.




Standing close and looking up!



Just standing close!

Walking through the bamboo groves was sort of eerie, especially with the wind creating a soft rattling sound overhead.

Well, that did a lot of good.