One of my camera clubs has a weekly theme, with the challenge being to take a photo during the week that complies with the theme.  This week the goal was to shoot a silhouette.  Here’s my “bird in the sky photo” I posted for the club.  Yes, I definitely fancied up the sky. In fact the sky was pure white, which made adding a texture (I used the screen blending mode in Photoshop) the perfect solution.

I decided to look back and find some other silhouette photos I had taken. I was surprised I didn’t have more.  Of course, you have to have the right light to shoot a silhouette; your subject has to be backlit, definitely.  But you also need the right location (not too much clutter) and the right subject (easily identifiable, with separation so you aren’t photographing one big, black blob.)   Here’s a few more from my archives.


Polo – Behind The Scenes

It’s polo season again in The Villages, Florida.  It’s a good way to spend an afternoon with camera in hand.  Below are some shots I took of horses and grooms before, during and after the game. I spent a little more time with these, trying to give them a more artistic feel.

This polo pony was tied to a tree next to a horse trailer, and the way he was standing, looking at the grandstand on an adjacent field, just caught my eye.  I thought “wonder if he’s anticipating being saddled and heading out to play?”  A little Photoshop magic removed the rope.

Polo – On The Field

It’s polo season again in The Villages, Florida.  It’s a good way to spend an afternoon with camera in hand.  Below are some shots I took during the game.  I’m also got a separate post going up right behind this one with some behind the scene shots I worked on.

Fun with My Little Orange Truck

Spent most of the day today playing with this cute little Chevy truck I bought at Walmart.  What can I say, it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained.

Luckily the side street I live on isn’t too busy so I was able to use it for this shot.  I loaded the bed of the truck with some flowers and shot with a wide open lens for a narrow depth of field.  I added the bokeh in Photoshop.

Switched out my cargo with some small dried leaves and sat the truck down on our driveway in front of a bush.  Added the motion blur in Nik’s Color Efex.

Another street shot and more Photoshop work, adding a texture and some light leaks.

A close up and lots of blur thanks to Topaz Impressions.


Saint Nicholas Cathedral

A couple of photography buddies and I ventured to Tarpon Springs, Fla. yesterday – only a couple hours away – to see what we could see.  One stop was the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the town’s Greek Orthodox church.  Tarpon Springs is know for it’s Greek community who settled there and established a thriving sponge diving industry in the early 1900’s.  The congregation’s first church was built in 1907 and named for Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Greece and the protector of seafaring people.

The present church building was erected in the 1930’s thanks to the prosperity the community experience during World War Two when European sponges were not available.  It features marble donated by the Greece government, wonderful paintings, elaborate stained glass and chandeliers and other adornments.




According to the church’s literature, “a painting of Saint Nicholas is famous for the drops of moisture that formed inside the glass believed by the faithful to be tears shed by the saint.  The droplets, first seen by a parishioner cleaning the church in 1970 continued for several years and were declared a ‘phenomenon beyond human comprehension’ by His Eminence Archbishop lakovos.”


Sunflowers and Autumn just go together.  Saturday I visited a farm that had a big patch of yellow smily faces and I’ve been playing with them in post processing ever since.

Lighthouse Reflection

The lighthouse at Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages is one of those iconic places where everyone takes a photo.  I’ve certainly taken my share.  Yesterday as I was walking the boardwalk, I was actually looking for some flowers to shoot because, well you know, been there; done that.  But then I saw this.  The lake was perfectly still and the clouds were lovely.  So add another LSL Lighthouse to my collection.


Fun with Feathers

Some days when I go out with my camera, I have a destination in mind.  Other days, I just set out hoping I’ll find something to shoot.  Today was one of those days.  And what I found was some feathers.





All Aboard!

Tavares Florida, calls itself America’s Seaplane City.  When you go there, you can usually see a seaplane or two lifting up of plopping down on Lake Dora.  That was the plan when I headed there this morning.

But hey, plans change.  Because not only does Tavares have planes, it has trains.  I was already at the rail station taking some photos when I heard the whistle announcing The Royal Palm Railroad pulling in.  Found out that the line runs on the weekends to nearby Eustis and Mount Dora offering rides with a 1940s theme.  I even pursuauded this cute little hostess who was welcoming passengers to pose for me.


Another fun day traveling to a few of the small Florida towns near my home.



Back in the day, I loved to go antiquing.  It was so much fun finding a new little shop and then browsing for interesting treasures from the past.  On a good day I’d find that perfect something to add to my collections or decorate my house.  Nowadays, when I go antiquing it’s not to collect items but to photograph them!  I took these shots the other day at a cute little place called Cottage Gardens in Wildwood, Fl.

In addition to two cluttered houses, (for antiques shops, that a good thing!)  there are lots of rusty, grungy things in an outside back yard.

My favorite “find” turned out to be the very first shot I took:rows of flower pots on an old bench in front of some old window pane with wavy glass. A very good day of antiquing!