My Momma’s Shoes


 For Cee’s Black & White Challenge – Shoes or Feet

My mom (Marietha) and my aunt (Taletha) are identical twins.  They are 91 now and live together.  Scattered around their house are lots of memories including this pair of shoes that I decided to photograph the last time I visited.  As I was arranging them I noticed a piece of paper tucked inside one of the shoes. (You can see it if you look closely.)  It was a note written by my Grandmother that reads, “These shoes were worn last time on Taletha and Marietha’s birthday when one year old – May 26, 1924.”  I guess she was saving them as a memento of her sweet little girls.

I don’t know if the note meant the shoes were shared or if they had identical pairs and only one pair was kept.  I just know I love them — and by them I mean my mamma, my aunt and the shoes!


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