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I learned a new word the other day: painterly.  Before I started looking at other photography blogs I don’t think I had ever ran across it.  It means “suggesting a painting or made in a way that reminds you of a painting.”  And, despite the “ly” it is apparently an adjective rather than an adverb.  Go figure.

So here’s my painterly great blue heron.



I’m still exploring all of the filters in Photoshop Elements.  I know some purists probably shudder at the idea of post-processing manipulation, but I love the creative freedom and choices it gives.  I used the “dry brush” filter to replicate the look of paintings to both these photos.


Glenview Country Club



Lake Sumter Landing


Vintage Circles

Yesterday I went exploring with my camera and ended up at Silver River State Park in Ocala.  What a nice park!  I did take a short hike on one of the trails, but the highlight for me was the pioneer “cracker” village just off of the parking lot.  Since I love old, rusty and weather-beaten, I was in pig heaven.

The good news is I got much-needed practice with my tripod, wireless remote and macro lens.  The bad news is I’m still struggling with patience and not thinking before clicking. On most of the shots I committed the stupid mistake of focusing in auto and then not switching to manual to take the shot.

I also wish I would have paid a little more attention to the objects I was photographing to figure out exactly what they were.  I just zeroed in on the beautiful patina age has given the objects but it would have been nice to know what those objects were used for.





Monochrome Mockingbird


Okay, so I’ve been hanging on to the original photo I took of this mockingbird for a while, not wanting to delete it, but not knowing exactly what to do with it. This guy was high in the treetop and I only got one quick capture of him with my 200 mm lens.  Even at 200 mm I still had to do a major crop to get this image so noise and soft focus were issues.  But I like the pose, and after playing around a bit, I came up with stripping away the color and adding an “angled stroke” filter which sort of softened everything so it has more of a painted look.