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If Birds Could Talk

“Hey lady!  I’m not a gator; I’m a gull. It’s okay, you can feed me!”


Vintage Fire Truck

I took this photo last summer at a festival in Brown County, Indiana.

Plain and Simple

I saw these tall, skinny flowers growing in a pond amid water lilies and other aquatic life. Not flashy, but still beautiful.


Look at Me

Met up with this Tricolored Heron during my photo escapades last Friday. It was the first time I’ve been able to get close up and personal with this particular type of Heron.


Look how blue its bill is. Apparently that’s a spring thing. During breeding season the bills of tricolored herons turn this bright blue color to attract potential mates. It got my attention!



Yesterday I ventured to a park in nearby Leesburg, Florida called Venetian Gardens.  It is located on the west side of a big lake, Lake Harris.  In addition to the pretty view of the lake, paths meander through the 64-acre park which has lots of mini-ponds. Between the flowers, trees, squirrels, birds and people, there were tons of picture possibilities. I brought home over 200 images to process, so I’ll definitely be posting a few more in the days to come.


Lake Harris


The edges of the lake and the ponds were booming with vegetation, including pickerelweed. I’ve always thought these dark purple, spiky water plants were pretty, but I never knew what they were.  So, I finally did a Google search to find out!




901 N. Canal Street


This little red house is the headquarters of the Bourlay Historic Nature Park in Leesburg, Florida. I think it’s kind of cute.  Used artistic filter – film grain in Elements.


Spring Tulips


Squawking and Mocking

It’s great to see and hear mockingbirds in my backyard again, cause that’s a sure sign spring is here.  Actually, my birding book says mockingbirds are a year-round Florida resident, so maybe I just don’t pay close enough attention in the winter months.  Whatever!  Squawk and mock away, my little grey feathered friends!


Ah, Nuts

I know he’s just a rat with a bushy tail, but isn’t he cute?


Antique Keyboard