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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Baa Baa Black Sheep (Sheep #1)

It’s pretty evident you have some wool!






Mill Race Park

One of the attractions at a little park in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana is a covered bridge that has been restored and is in use on the road that goes through the park.




Pasture Pals


Little Garden Boy


Carrot Top

The Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is only a few miles away from where I am currently at in Seymour, Indiana.  The other day I visited and had a good hike on one of the trails plus had some fun watching all the birds congregating  around the bird feeders situated in back of the welcome center.

I really wanted to get a good photo of a woodpecker, but all I can say is they certainly are flighty little things!  They would no sooner land on a tree trunk than off they’d go again before I could focus and click.

Here are the best of my many attempts. I think this might be a red-bellied woodpecker, but not sure.

Carrot Head



Getting A Drink

Getting  A Drink_edited-1

The Aermotor