The Secret Life of Palms

It’s that time of year when palms like to do their thing.  And by do their thing I mean propagate. So right now lots of trees in the hood are sprouting interesting pods, cones, berries and seeds, and I thought I’d document the sprouting!

This is a Sago Palm, which apparently isn’t really a palm at all but a cycad, a class of plants that dates back to prehistoric times. These cones that shoot up from the middle of the male plant give off pollen which is then carried to the female plant by insects.


All I have to say about this palm tree, is look at the size of the thorns on that puppy.  Apparently there are crafty people who like to collect these pods, paint them and make trays or wall art out of them, but I repeat look at the size of the thorns guarding them. The tassel-like seeds that pop out of the pods are pretty.


I’ve lived in Florida for 14 plus years and I still don’t know one palm from another.  I do know that berries such as these eventually fall and make a mess in yards and sidewalks so most people cut them down before they do damage. Some berries are also very poisonous so people with pets have to be careful.






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