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Peppers Still Life

Just call me Veda Van Gogh.

Peppers Still Life Painterly Style

Yesterday our Photography Club’s lesson was on recreating a still life photo that we found in a magazine or on the internet.  We are a hands-on learning club, so it was fun going from window to window seeing how everyone was staging their props, adjusting for shadows, fiddling with camera settings, etc.  I recently bought Topaz Impressions so the fun continued when I got home adding a painterly effect.

Shutters and Vines


Ward LaFrance

Ward LaFrance  was an American Company that produced fire trucks from  the early 1900s until the 1970s. I spotted this old relic in front of a bikers’ bar in the Florida countryside.  I used a Topaz Impressions effect called liquid pencil on both.



A Dragonfly, Oh My




Carney Island Conservation and Recreation Center, Ocklawaha, Florida

Zebra Longwing




The Golden Hour at Barnes and Noble