Monthly Archives: July 2015


Little country churches always catch my eye.  I loved the simplicity of this white steeple against the bold sky.


A Surprise Spider

The other day I was driving down a country road when I spotted some yellow wildflowers along the side.  There was no place to pull over, so after checking my rear-view mirror to make sure there wasn’t any traffic sneaking up on me, I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out with my camera and took some hurried shots.

It wasn’t until I looked at this image on my computer that I saw the little green spider.  It obviously blended in pretty well with the green leaves and adds some drama to my so-so image.


The White Horse


Billy Goat Gruff


Mr. Floppy Ears


My Coffee Mug

Another rainy day here in central Florida so decided to play with my old faithful coffee mug, textures and a set of free smoke brushes I recently downloaded.



Black Swans


Swan Song



One Little Woodpecker


Standing Watch