Monthly Archives: December 2015

Somewhere in Indiana


A Spoonie

I’m a Florida gal, but I live a little too far north to see Roseate Spoonbills….unless I go to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park where a flock of these colorful birds resides.  Spoonies use those long, rounded-end bills to strain small fish or insects out of the water.


Little Blue Lift Off


A Twilight Stroll

I found this tricolored heron wading along the shoreline, paying no attention to me whatsoever as I trailed him.  It was a peaceful stroll for both of us.  I decided to post process using Topaz Impressions, the Quick Sketch selection, at about 40% and added some additional white vignetting.



Green Heron Repose


Pink Flamingos

My Photography Club went on a field trip to Homosassa Springs State Park the other day and I came back with lots of photos of birds that I  normally don’t have the opportunity to shoot up close and personal.  Case in point, the awkwardly beautiful flamingo. Here are two different takes.



The Stare


Pelican on a Log


Bear and His Ball