Monthly Archives: January 2016

Weather-Beaten Adirondacks


Don’t Cry Little Yellow Flower



Something I love about photography is never knowing what you’ll find when you head out the door with your camera.  I wasn’t expecting to end up with a portrait of a pint-size pup with pink vest, punked up hair and the coolest shades ever…..but here he is!


Outstanding in his Field


Bushy Tail

Apparently this is Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Who knew?  I know they are just rats with bushy tails, but today let’s all give ’em some love.


Vintage Postcard

I added a grunge texture to a photo I took of the lighthouse in Lake Sumtner Landing and thought it looked like an old postcard you might find at a flea market.


You’ve Got Mail #3

If it wasn’t for the bright blue paint on this mailbox (yes, it really was this blue!) the weeds would surely hide it.  Pencil Sketch effect in Topaz Impressions applied.