Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cart Path Canopy

Here in The Villages, we do a lot of our getting around in golf carts.  And every time I travel this stretch of golf cart path with overhanging tree branches, I think, “this would make a cool photo.”  So the other day I decided to see if I could get the shot.  Well, standing at one end and waiting for a break in traffic took a while.  But finally I had an opportunity and hurried out to the middle of the path and bent down on one knee to get the low angle I wanted.  I was definitely making sure I was paying attention for the sound of a golf carts that might be bearing down on me from behind!


Two Generations


I know the little fluff ball isn’t sharp but I still liked this photo enough to share. I stood and watched and waited quite a while for one of the chicks — I think there were four — to come out in the open long enough to get a shot. It was fun to observe the interaction between this adult Limpkin, who were busy pecking away at food, and the youngsters who kept darting out from the grasses trying to see what was going on.



When it comes to colorful, the purple gallinule ranks right up there!  From those gaudy yellow legs (it uses its long toes to walk on floating water vegetation) to its vibrant and iridescent emerald green and blue plumage to its yellow-tipped red bill, these little guys really stand out.



But the Greatest of These