My Date with the White Ibis Gang

There is one particular place in The Villages where a gang of white Ibis always hang out because people like to come there and feed them.  You know, it’s the place right by the sign that says not to feed them. _DSC9387-1

Well, I’ve driven by that flock of Ibis a thousand times and never gotten too excited about photo possibilities. Frankly, I just think Ibis are sort of gooney looking, and because people are always feeding them, that place is so messy. But last Saturday afternoon I decided to go there and just check ’em out. I took a ton of pictures and actually came away liking the little guys.  They pecked away at the dirt, waded in the water, preened, slept and interacted with each other giving me lots of interesting photos.  I’m not sure why, (maybe because its spring and mating season???) but many had bright red beaks when I think they are normally a dull orange.  I thought that made them more handsome.

I posted one the other day.  Here are two more I’ve processed.  And there may be more to come!



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