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Mr. and Mrs.


(Not So Fancy) Entrance


The Pride of Walnut Street

Every time I drive by this house — which is every time I visit my Mother in Seymour, Indiana — I admire its graceful roof lines and gingerbread detail.  It now serves as an office for a doctor, but I’m guessing it once was owned by a well-to-do family and was the pride of Walnut Street.




Here’s a composite of two photos of wild teasel I took on my recent trip to Indiana.

These prickly weeds are also known as Dipsacus which means “thirst for water.”  This refers to the fact that a cup-like formation of leaves forms at the bottom of the plant which allows rain water to accumulate.  The water keeps sap-sucking insects from getting any farther up the plant that the stem.  Interesting huh?


Well, Hello There Cutie!


And Again I Say Rejoice




Chip…..Or Dale


Sure Sign of Spring

Bright yellow tulips against a stone wall?  Yes, please.



The Backward Glance