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Old Iron Fence


Box Car Graffiti




Garden Inhabitant


One. Single. Flower.


Locks That Caught My Eye

Being a photographer makes you notice things.  So I couldn’t help but notice both these colorful doors with their funky locks when I strolled by.

I love rust; it makes my heart sing.


And being a minimalist at heart, all this orange lock needs to make it photo-worthy  is its bright blue background.




Garden Tools Against The Fence


Wildwood Main Street

Wildwood, Florida is just a jump from The Villages but what a contrast.  Wildwood is still old-Florida small town.  Main Street/Highway 301 cuts through the middle of town and the route is noisy with a constant stream of 18-wheelers.  There are boarded up storefronts,  uneven sidewalks and alleys overgrown with weeds.  I noticed a soup kitchen a block off Main Street and there’s no short supply of thrift shops and second-hand stores.  Still, a few businesses are doing well and their quaint charm made them photo-worthy.



Little Green Gecko

Yesterday I saw a green gecko on a pink stucco pillar and envisioned how I would frame the photo if I had my camera.  Today, camera in hand, I returned to the scene of the crime.  I was sure my little green gecko would still be there…somewhere…..and it was!