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The Mote-Morris House

The first time I stumbled upon this beautiful Queen Anne style house in downtown Leesburg Florida a wedding was taking place on the grounds so, naturally, I didn’t stop.  Last Saturday, I drove by again and all was quiet so I decided to take some snaps.  It was built in 1892 by a former Leesburg mayor and is now owned by the city and used for various events.




I Say Cute; My Hubby says Rodent.



Drying Zone

I watched this Anhinga, perched on a sign near the water’s edge,  for quite a while as it preened and spread its wings drying off.  It didn’t seem in any hurry, and who can blame it with such a nice view.






Trying my hand at minimalism.


Back Yard Shade


Making Hay While The Sun Shines


Take Off!