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Lil’ Yellow Sulphur


Freshly Picked




Swallowtail on Ironweed


Opening Soon


Round Barn By Chance

I didn’t set out to take pictures of this round barn while I was staying in Seymour, Indiana.  I just headed southwest one afternoon with my camera, driving through Brownstown and Vallonia, and on to Medora to see what I could see.  And there it was!



From a flyer I read that the barn was built in 1910 for a cost of $1,500.  It was constructed of locally milled beech wood with a self-supporting, two-pitch gambrel roof.  The very nice gentleman who lived right across the road offered to let me look inside so I took this shot of the inside, looking up.



Bashful Alpaca

Spent a few days in Indiana this past week where I found myself traveling the countryside.  Mostly all I found to photograph was lots of corn, soybeans, roadside weeds and barns.  But I did drive by this field with one lone — and very bashful — alpaca.  He gave me this “what are you looking at?” stare and then trotted off into another unapproachable pasture.  I only got one shot!


Industrial Drip


Two Cows – Done in Charcoal


Does This Photo Make My Butt Look Big?