Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Pleasant Surprise

I had been wanted to stop at a construction site close to my house to see if I could get any shots of this crazy guys in hard hats working 10 stories up.   So today was the day.  After realizing I wasn’t going to get anything exciting, I was just about ready to get in my car when this little bird popped up on the fence right in front of my face!  Photography fun like that.  When you go out you never know what you’ll come home with.




A pair of rooster portraits.



Walk Like an Egyptian

A pair of Egyptian geese going for a stroll.


2 Little Hens

Actually, it’s the same hen – 2 photo composite.


White Pelicans


Every winter the white pelicans come back to The Villages to hang out on some of our ponds.  They are fun to photograph and watch.  Unlike their brown pelican cousins who dive for their dinner, these guys use their pouched bills to scoop up fish.  Often you can spot them huddled together in a circle to herd the fish into one spot, which makes for easy pickings.




The Main Man

I’ve been wanting to find some chickens to photograph forever. (Yes, I know, my wish list isn’t very lofty) Finally got the chance this past weekend, and as a bonus got this handsome guy too.


Alpaca Christmas


Sleigh Ride