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This is our quirky little radio station here in The Villages.


Ready for The Dinner Crowd


Egyptian Goose Dreamy


Egyptian Goose Dynamic


Clearing the Bar


Barn Aisle Silhouette




Foggy Morning Cormorant


Photoshop Artistry

Another new photographic avenue to explore!  Around the first of the year I purchased the Photoshop Artistry Online Course taught by Sebastian Michaels, mostly to learn more about Photoshop but also because I really love some of the grungy composite work that he teaches.  So, after slowly plodding through only about the first fourth of all the great videos and cheat sheets I have access to, this is my first attempt at some digital art.  Used my photo of a french poodle I met while out walking with my camera, of course.  But from there I tried to get a little creative.


Waiting for Morning Light