Monthly Archives: April 2017

Barred Owl

I would so love to find an owl in the wild, have the right lens, the right light, have the owl sitting out in the open without any obstructing limbs and remain perfectly motionless for at least 5 minutes.  Until that happens  (ha), I can only go to places like Homassasa Springs State Park where rehabbing owls are behind mesh wire.  I liked the pose, but because the quality was poor due to the wire (and poor light) I used a heavy dose of Topaz Impressions to turn it into a somewhat acceptable painting.


The Little One

Indiana Barns

A trip to Indiana just wouldn’t be complete without a afternoon out photographing old, abandoned barns. This one really caught my eye because it was sitting in a field of wild mustard.


I had to walk a little bit into a plowed up corn field (after asking permission from the farm owner, of course) to get close enough to this vine-covered corn crib.

The Little Duckling

Limpkin in the Grass

How’s This for Colorful?

Red and Ruffled

Chinese Lantern Plant

Tennis Court Shadow