Monthly Archives: October 2017

By The Light of The Moon

Fire Bush

Appropriately named!

Golden Grass

Luckily, where I live in central Florida we have blooms of some sort year round, but right now the ornamental grasses are showing off too.

Blue Hour on the Boardwalk

Last Thursday, members of my photography club met at Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages to take some photos during blue hour.  For all my non-photographer peeps, blue hour is basically that time after the sun sets and before it gets completely dark.  That type of sky usually only lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Most of us walked the Boardwalk scouting out spots that we thought might work for our blue hour compositions.  Then we waited…….

The actual sunset that evening was quite spectacular.  Here’s an image I took (and enhanced a bit) while I was waiting.

Finally….the moment of truth.  Here are my two favorite shots of the evening.

Daddy Longlegs