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Welcome to my blog!

I can’t believe it’s been four years since I bought a DSLR and started learning photography.  I’m still learning and still passionate about it.  It has made me see things in a whole new light (and it’s all about the light – wink, wink to all you fellow photographers.)  I primarily shoot outdoor things:  birds, flowers, butterflies, assorted animals, some landscapes and architecture.  I love to use textures as you’ll see from the photos I post.  I also like to turn my photos into art with the help of software that gives them a painterly look.  

I live in The Villages, Florida with my husband, Ron.

I just turned 70 (yikes) and have been retired for quite a while.. Back in the day, Ron and I worked in our own business in Indiana and I also did some freelance magazine writing.

I am a Christ-follower, trying to grow in my faith every day.  I’m a member of a great church:  Church @ The Springs.

I love golf — both playing and watching the PGA and LGPA on the weekends.

I belong to two camera clubs, here in The Villages and follow lots of photography sites on Facebook.       Yes I’m one of those people who spends way too much time on the internet.

I am a novice birder. Such beauty! So much to learn!

I love cruising (and so does Ron) so we try to sail away a couple of times a year.








3 responses to “About

  • Sue

    Love your photography! Could you explain a little about your technique, or your post processing methods? Some of the images look like you have used a textured background — in Photoshop? I only know about the Villages from Pickleball friends; do you play?


    • vedaeddy

      Thank you Sue. I golf but no pickle ball. Yes, I love to use textures with my photos either as overlays (where the entire photo still shows) or often as opaque backgrounds. I do the work in Photoshop. There are gobs of You-Tube videos on how to do it if you are interested. Just google using textures in photography or some such.
      I also have Topaz Impressions (a plug-in) which instantly gives a photo a painterly look and I use that a lot too. Usually I don’t apply it full-force – although some times I do –. I love photography and love to be creative in the way I process them.


      • Sue

        They really are lovely images and I like the combination of natural and artistic blends. Thanks for your quick reply. I am a follower of your work now.


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