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Up,. Up and Away

Earlier this month, The Villages hosted a Balloon Glow event.  It was a huge success as about 10,000 people came out to our Polo Grounds over the weekend to see the hot air balloons, and even get free tethered rides.  I prefer to stay on the ground, thank you.  But I was eager to see what kinds of photos I could get.

I arrived early to watch the crews inflate their balloons.


There was a steady stream of folks going for rides.

Once the sun went down, throughout the evening the balloons would fire up their burners simultaniously and give the dark sky a glow.

Of course, I couldn’t resist using a little Photoshop magic to get rid of the tethering ropes on some of my photos…because this is probably as close as I’ll ever get to a real hot air balloon experience.



Another beautiful evening on the boardwalk at Lake Sumter Landing


It’s a Topsy-Turvy World

Blue Hour on the Boardwalk

Last Thursday, members of my photography club met at Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages to take some photos during blue hour.  For all my non-photographer peeps, blue hour is basically that time after the sun sets and before it gets completely dark.  That type of sky usually only lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Most of us walked the Boardwalk scouting out spots that we thought might work for our blue hour compositions.  Then we waited…….

The actual sunset that evening was quite spectacular.  Here’s an image I took (and enhanced a bit) while I was waiting.

Finally….the moment of truth.  Here are my two favorite shots of the evening.


This is our quirky little radio station here in The Villages.


Standing Guard at the Door


On The Square at Lake Sumtner Landing


My Day at The Polo Field



Fall means polo season in The Villages.  So this past Sunday I drove my golf cart to the polo field and tailgated with the other polo fans to watch the matches. Naturally, I was mostly interested in capturing some images that I could turn into art.









Taking The Tour


Boat on The Lake

Sure is fun to take my photos and turn them into paintings.  This is at Lake Sumtner Landing in The Villages.