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Finally, I Got ‘Ya!

There is a Great Blue Heron nest adjacent to one of the golf cart paths here in The Villages. It’s on a branch that sticks out, very visible and on a route I frequently take.  The first time I spotted it about a month ago, Mom or Pop was standing guard over the nest.  Naturally I didn’t have my camera with me, but as soon as I got home, I grabbed it, jumped back in my cart and raced back to the spot….only to see Mom or Pop was gone.  A couple of days later I made special trip there with my camera.  Alas, nothing to see.  Finally the other evening I was returning from shooting at another place when, as I approached, I spotted Mom or Pop and a bonus baby’s head!  Finally, I got ‘ya!



Another beautiful evening on the boardwalk at Lake Sumter Landing


Limpkin on the Bridge

Sandhill Crane Day

When I started out with my camera today, I really didn’t know what I’d fine (that’s part of the fun), but it didn’t take long to realize it was gonna be a Sandhill Crane kinda day.  Just a few miles from my house I spotted a SHC sitting on a nest at the edge of a pond  Yes, right out in the open, easily visible from the road and easily accessible.  Bonanza!   Then, would you believe that at the next place I happened upon I found another SHC couple with a cute little colt.  Here are a few photos from my morning encounter.





Gatorland Macaw

The Egret Abode

One of the best places to see breeding and nesting Egrets and Herons is Gatorland in Orlando.  Hundreds of these birds build their nests in trees all along the marsh boardwalk.  On a recent trip I was lucky enough to get some fairly good shots of one adult trying its best to pacify three unruly youngsters.

Tree Top Wood Stork

Show Off

Who Ruffled Your Feathers?

The Look Out