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Man’s Best Friend

Photographed this border collie the other day at a Sheep Festival. He was patiently waiting his turn to go to work herding.

He Had Me at Hello

Patiently Waiting

This old, but still handsome, fella was patiently waiting for his master in the back of a pickup truck. Such a sweet face.


Photoshop Artistry

Another new photographic avenue to explore!  Around the first of the year I purchased the Photoshop Artistry Online Course taught by Sebastian Michaels, mostly to learn more about Photoshop but also because I really love some of the grungy composite work that he teaches.  So, after slowly plodding through only about the first fourth of all the great videos and cheat sheets I have access to, this is my first attempt at some digital art.  Used my photo of a french poodle I met while out walking with my camera, of course.  But from there I tried to get a little creative.


Cutie Patootie


Two Cows – Done in Charcoal



I meet the most interesting dogs when I’m out with my camera.  Sammi is a Wheaten Terrier and quite the girl.



The Mouser



Something I love about photography is never knowing what you’ll find when you head out the door with your camera.  I wasn’t expecting to end up with a portrait of a pint-size pup with pink vest, punked up hair and the coolest shades ever…..but here he is!