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Happy Valentines Day

Colorful Chihuly

Our Photography Club had a fun day at the Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg yesterday where we spent some time viewing a permanent collection of blown glass art by Dale Chihuly.  Talk about visual overload.

Barn Aisle Silhouette


A Writer’s Best Friends


Autumn Still Life


African Iris

I finally did a little research on these little white flowers that are EVERYWHERE in The Villages — even my backyard.  They originated in South Africa and are a favorite of Florida gardeners because they can withstand the heat, unlike some other irises.  The bad news is the blooms only last a couple of days.  The good news is the plants send up a new batch of blooms approximately every two weeks. That’s why they are also called Fortnight Lilies.  (No, I don’t know why they aren’t called Fortnight Irises!)  And, we get to enjoy them all year long except in winter.




My Coffee Mug

Another rainy day here in central Florida so decided to play with my old faithful coffee mug, textures and a set of free smoke brushes I recently downloaded.