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Oliver 70


New York Plate




Sweetwater Wetlands


Still going through all the pictures I took at the Sweetwater Wetlands Park near Gainesville, Florida the other day.  This 125 acre, man-made wetlands habitat just opened last year.  Its main purpose was to restore and improve water flow to more than 1,300 areas of formally drained land and improve water quality in the Floridan aquifer.  Of course, its secondary benefit was to provide a beautiful and educational environment for people to connect with nature.  The place is teaming — and I do mean teaming — with birds.  (Look closely and you can see I couldn’t get a shot without birds photo bombing)  During my three-mile walk on graveled paths and walkways, I also saw some big, bad boy alligators and a wild, cracker horse.  I love this place!




Two Generations


I know the little fluff ball isn’t sharp but I still liked this photo enough to share. I stood and watched and waited quite a while for one of the chicks — I think there were four — to come out in the open long enough to get a shot. It was fun to observe the interaction between this adult Limpkin, who were busy pecking away at food, and the youngsters who kept darting out from the grasses trying to see what was going on.

The Lady of the House


An Oldie But Goodie

Once a month here in The Villages, vintage cars and those who like to oh and ah over them converge on one of our town squares for a Saturday Night Cruise-in.





Where Weeds Grow


My Walking Around Shoes