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Along with others in my photography club I’m participating in a 52 week photo challenge where we have to take photos of specific subjects in The Villages.  So far, it’s been great fun seeing how we all find different examples and/or even post process the same subject differently.  This week the subject is bicycles and when I spotted this vintage Huffy, I knew I’d found my shot!


A Writer’s Best Friends


Industrial Drip


Glass Beads


Locks That Caught My Eye

Being a photographer makes you notice things.  So I couldn’t help but notice both these colorful doors with their funky locks when I strolled by.

I love rust; it makes my heart sing.


And being a minimalist at heart, all this orange lock needs to make it photo-worthy  is its bright blue background.




You’ve Got Mail #3

If it wasn’t for the bright blue paint on this mailbox (yes, it really was this blue!) the weeds would surely hide it.  Pencil Sketch effect in Topaz Impressions applied.



Spotted these mailboxes at the entrance to a mobile home park  Hope there was more room for #40’s mobile home than than there was for his mailbox.