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Mr. Sunny Bunny

This little backyard buddy has been venturing out from our flower beds every evening to graze. So cute. He let me get fairly close the other evening but every once in a while, he’d perk up those ears and sneak a peak at me. ¬†With the help of a golden texture I turned his evening trek into a mid-day appearance.

I Think Someone Needs a Hug

Somewhere in Africa

Or Maybe just Disney Animal Kingdom

Bird Feed….Yum


It’s Not Easy Being Green

A Roadside Buddy


A pair of rooster portraits.



2 Little Hens

Actually, it’s the same hen – 2 photo composite.


The Main Man

I’ve been wanting to find some chickens to photograph forever. (Yes, I know, my wish list isn’t very lofty) Finally got the chance this past weekend, and as a bonus got this handsome guy too.