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A Roadside Buddy


A pair of rooster portraits.



2 Little Hens

Actually, it’s the same hen – 2 photo composite.


The Main Man

I’ve been wanting to find some chickens to photograph forever. (Yes, I know, my wish list isn’t very lofty) Finally got the chance this past weekend, and as a bonus got this handsome guy too.


Alpaca Christmas


Bashful Alpaca

Spent a few days in Indiana this past week where I found myself traveling the countryside.  Mostly all I found to photograph was lots of corn, soybeans, roadside weeds and barns.  But I did drive by this field with one lone — and very bashful — alpaca.  He gave me this “what are you looking at?” stare and then trotted off into another unapproachable pasture.  I only got one shot!



I obviously have too much free time on my hands. I went outside to water some potted flowers and found this snail. So I went back and got my camera, then knelt down (on rocks no less) in the sun for a half hour patiently waiting for the snail to “do something”. I staged the yellow flower hoping the snail would stick its head out to investigate and finally it did.