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Lake Apopka Pump House

Indiana Barns

Recently returned from Indiana and naturally I had to go scouting for some old (sometimes abandoned) barns.

Biloxi Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located near the water, but the surrounding scenery is, well, pretty crappy.  It actually sits in the middle of a busy road!  I decided to see what I could do to change its surroundings using some post processing magic.

Here’s the original photo 🙂


Indiana Barns

A trip to Indiana just wouldn’t be complete without a afternoon out photographing old, abandoned barns. This one really caught my eye because it was sitting in a field of wild mustard.


I had to walk a little bit into a plowed up corn field (after asking permission from the farm owner, of course) to get close enough to this vine-covered corn crib.

Cobblestone Street in Old San Juan




Round Barn By Chance

I didn’t set out to take pictures of this round barn while I was staying in Seymour, Indiana.  I just headed southwest one afternoon with my camera, driving through Brownstown and Vallonia, and on to Medora to see what I could see.  And there it was!



From a flyer I read that the barn was built in 1910 for a cost of $1,500.  It was constructed of locally milled beech wood with a self-supporting, two-pitch gambrel roof.  The very nice gentleman who lived right across the road offered to let me look inside so I took this shot of the inside, looking up.