We have these bushes right outside our window that are green all year round except in the fall when they turn this rusty brown color and get little pink flowers. Personally, I think they are ugly. But I was looking out the window this morning with the dew still glistening and began seeing them differently. Decided to try a close up of just one little blossom. To my surprise I found I like the rusty red and pink combo and that close up the little frilly blooms are pretty. I love when Photography makes me notice beauty I otherwise would miss.

On The Edge

Colorful Chihuly

Our Photography Club had a fun day at the Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg yesterday where we spent some time viewing a permanent collection of blown glass art by Dale Chihuly.  Talk about visual overload.

A Day with The Dragonflies

I went to a little park yesterday on a totally different quest.  But there were so many dragonflies darting around that I had to try to capture a few shots.

Little Blue Dragonfly

Center of Attention

Visiting a Sea of Green

Patiently Waiting

This old, but still handsome, fella was patiently waiting for his master in the back of a pickup truck. Such a sweet face.