What a Schnozzle

This guy is the Jimmy Durante of White Pelicans!

African Iris

Struttin’ Great Blue

Of all the times I’ve watched Great Blue Herons, this is the first time I’ve seen one strut around like this.  I think he was trying to impress his girlfriend.

Double Trouble

Photos Taken on my iPad

No, Not with my iPad…..on my iPad.

These are teeny-tiny specimens, small enough to lay on top of my iPad.  With a blank white background (used an app called Color Softbox) the iPad becomes a backlit lightbox and things on top become translucent.  Then I just set my camera up on tripod, lay the iPad on the floor beneath, and start shooting.  Fun!

Here’s a dried up twin bud from a mini daffodil plant.

I clipped this from a shurb


Love how translucent this fern becomes when backlit.

Thought I’d switch up the stark white background on this one so added a texture to a trio of tiny ground cover flowers.




Man’s Best Friend

Photographed this border collie the other day at a Sheep Festival. He was patiently waiting his turn to go to work herding.