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Orange You Glad It’s Spring?

Azaleas are Blooming

African Iris

Photos Taken on my iPad

No, Not with my iPad…..on my iPad.

These are teeny-tiny specimens, small enough to lay on top of my iPad.  With a blank white background (used an app called Color Softbox) the iPad becomes a backlit lightbox and things on top become translucent.  Then I just set my camera up on tripod, lay the iPad on the floor beneath, and start shooting.  Fun!

Here’s a dried up twin bud from a mini daffodil plant.

I clipped this from a shurb


Love how translucent this fern becomes when backlit.

Thought I’d switch up the stark white background on this one so added a texture to a trio of tiny ground cover flowers.



Happy Valentines Day

Robed in Purple